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Educators all over the country and the world are feeling overwhelmed right now due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are increasingly finding themselves tasked with quickly figuring out how to deliver lesson plans and classroom activities in an unfamiliar online environment. Fortunately, virtual learning is ready for them. We’ve put together a list of free resources to get you started. For personalized assistance locating free resources appropriate for your course, please contact the Open Educational Resources Department at


Open educational resources (OER) are free teaching and learning materials that are licensed to allow for revision and reuse. OER can be fully self-contained textbooks, videos, quizzes, learning modules, lesson plans, syllabi, worksheets, data, and more. Tips for finding OER:

  1. There are lots of OER out there. It takes time and persistence to find the ones that best fit you and your students' academic and research needs. This guide is not an exhaustive list of available content.
  2. Instead of focusing on the textbook that you want to replace, focus on what you want your students to know or do.
  3. Search multiple open repositories at once using the OASIS search box on the right side of this page.
  4. Import course modules directly from Canvas Commons for immediate reuse and revision.
  5. Your subject librarian and the Libraries' OER team can provide personalized assistance locating materials for your course. We're here to help you find what you need quickly and easily. Get in touch!


Professors, do you have information that you would like to have scanned and placed on electronic reserves for your students to access directly from Canvas? We can help! 

You may submit chapters of books and journal articles to be placed on E-reserves for your course. 

Instructors can submit their electronic reserves requests through their subject librarian or directly to our Learning Resources Librarian, Katie WillefordIf you would like to know more about placing items on E-reserve, read the Reserve Guidelines for Faculty webpage.

Online Resources for Science Laboratories is a growing collection of simulations and labs for STEM.

Search popular OER repositories:

OER Commons

Open Textbook Library

Teaching Commons