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NURS 5367 Evidence-Based Practice

This is a course guide created to help students with required assignments for the course.

avatar   Dr. Maxine Adegbola

   NURS 5367 Evidence-Based Practice

   Office Number: Pickard Hall - #612

   Office Telephone Number: (817) 272-3850 [office]. 

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 Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Search for appropriate literature to answer a PICO question.

2. Perform a rigorous critique of the evidence for nursing practice.

3. Synthesize the literature to answer the PICO question.

4. Plan for the change in practice using an EBP model with a team.

5. Develop an evaluation plan for the change in practice.

6. Develop a plan to disseminate project results. 

This guide is created to assist you throughout your course.  Please proceed through the tabs on the left as you work through your assignments.