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Introduction to Open Pedagogy

Explore other examples by visiting the Open Pedagogy Notebook.

Students as Textbook Contributors

A professor collaborates with students in an American literature survey course to create an open anthology of public domain literature to replace a commercial text.

Students as Question Bank Authors

Students write multiple-choice questions in a social psychology course that uses an open textbook for which there is no associated question bank.

Students as Wikipedia Contributors

Image of Wikipedia page for Murder, Madness, Mayhem course project

Undergraduate students in a Spanish course edited and created Wikipedia articles with the goal increasing the number of "featured articles" on the course's topic, Latin American literature. The course instructor reflects on the experience here. Read other case studies about how teachers are leveraging Wikipedia in their courses.

Students as OER Adapters

Students adapt an existing open textbook to create a new version tailored for instructional designers.

Students as Community Partners

Students in a service-learning course design an interactive game for their community partner, the university library, to integrate into the library's information literacy program.

Learn More!

In June 2017, Dr. David Wiley spoke to the UTA community about the influence of "open" on pedagogy. A recap of the presentation is also available.