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Love Data Week 2019: Open Data and Data Justice


Peace Ossom Williamson

Nitin Kanwar


In celebration of Love Data Week 2019, UTA Libraries' joined in the nationwide theme of "data in everyday life" through topics of open data and data justice. Read more about this theme and topics and the other Love Data Week events happening globally by visiting

 This week, we have four successive workshops where we will compare the history of U.S. imprisonment and slavery to ask whether the high prison rate in the U.S., unmatched by similar countries, is a replacement of slave labor. Each workshop will build on the content of the last, culminating with visualizations in Tableau, where you can share the data stories you've developed.

Use / follow the hashtag online: #LoveData19

For last year's Love Data Week curriculum, visit

 The 13th amendment has a criminal loophole for slavery:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” 

Required Software

Schedule of Workshops

  • Monday, February 11 - Introduction to Data Sources and Open Data Sources
    • What is open data?
    • Open data sources
  • Tuesday, February 12 - Cleaning and Transforming Open Data
    • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
    • Beginning with Python
  • Wednesday, February 13 - Analyzing Open Data
    • Common packages - dplyr, reshape2
    • Data analysis techniques
  • Thursday, February 14 - Visualizing Open Data
    • Introduction to Tableau Public

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