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Drones at UTA Libraries

Information about UTA Libraries Drone (Quadcopter) training, lending and club.

Drone Club

Spring 2023: We meet (most) Tuesdays and Fridays at the following times:

4:00-5:00 Drone flying at the MAC, room 133

5:00-6:00 Drone building, repairing and programming at The Studios, Central Library room 122b

Drone Lending

As of Summer 2021, UTA Libraries offers drones for lending. UTA faculty, staff and students may borrow one of our drones after completing a free training course and supplying a certificate of completion, a drone borrowing application, and a liability waiver.

We presently have three Snaptain S5C quadcopters available for borrowing. As new drones become available, they will be listed here.

Promotional Graphic for Snaptain S5C from Snaptain S5C FHD Quadcopter

  • Easy for beginner 

  • 80m control range 

  • Voice control, 360 degrees flip, and Gravity Sensor control 

  • 720p Camera 

  • 10-minute fly time per fully charged battery (2 included)

Drone Training

At this time, UTA Libraries is not offering FAA-recognized drone training or certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched it's own drone safety training network in June 2021, and all recreational flyers must complete their online training before flying their drones outdoors. UTA Libraries is not part of the network of official FAA training partners, but we will accept an official training certification from any of the official FAA partner sites. These trainings sites are listed in the link below.

We encourage anyone at UTA to come learn to fly during our drone club flying hours. You can bring your own drone, or fly one of ours! We provide hands-on drone flight training in a safe indoor gymnasium with high ceilings. Meeting times vary by semester, please contact for the most recent drone club hours.

We are also available by consultation outside of drone club flying hours. Contact us for an appointment!

All of our activities are for recreational flyers and we adhere to the FAA guidelines for recreational flyers. We welcome the expertise of those with certification to join our meetings too!

Commercial Pilot Certification and Licensing

UTA Libraries does not offer any training, certification or licensing for commercial UAV pilots. However, we do have commercially licensed staff members who can provide basic consultation on the certification and licensing process. For more information, please refer to the FAA website: Contact to schedule a consultation.

Support for Course Work

The UTA Libraries supports faculty by offering cutting edge creative technology for use in your courses, expertise to teach and train your students, and curriculum designers to help you integrate the technology into your assignments. We have a robotics and electronics studio with the equipment for circuit design, soldering and more. The CREAT Studio also features a 10' x 10' drop down safety cage for testing and troubleshooting drones and other robotics. Any faculty who wish to incorporate drone technology into their course work may contact to schedule a consultation with an experiential learning librarian.

UTA Libraries offers Experiential Learning Faculty Fellowships to support course integration of our creative technologies, including drones.

Photograph from inside the CREATE Studio with the drone safety cage lowered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I allowed to fly a drone for my UTA research?

In general, students may use drones (including those borrowed from UTA Libraries) for their course assignments by following the rules for recreational flyers. The only space for outdoor recreational flight on UTA's campus is the intramural sports fields on the corner of Park Row and Fielder, Monday - Thursdays: 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. or with permission during other times. Contact

For funded research and programs, pilots require a commercial UAV license and permission from the University. Pilots may borrow our drones once those conditions have been met, otherwise they too must adhere to the rules for recreational flying. This is a matter of federal law and the libraries can not provide advice on which category your reasons fall under (recreational or commercial). Please read the full UTA drone policy and request permission for drone-related research activity on the UTA Environmental Health and Safety Website:

Where is Allan Saxe Parkway?

If you have gone in search of UTA's intramural sports complex at 1100 Allan Saxe Parkway, but instead find yourself at the Arlington land fill, you have not gone insane. There are two things called Allan Saxe Parkway in Arlington. Drive yourself back to the parking lot of the intramural sports fields at the corner of Fielder and Park Row, and there you will see that the parking lot is also named Allan Saxe Parkway.

So then, where exactly am I allowed to fly?

Glad you asked! Please use the B4UFly app available in the usual places. It is the FAAs official app for recreational flyers to find legal places to fly.

All of Arlington is a no-fly zone for recreational flyers, but there are some nice parks to the west. I recommend Mallard Cove Park. There are plenty of places near Arlington, just not Arlington. Anyone who wants to fly a drone in Arlington must have a pilots license and permission.