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Tik Tok Tool Kit : Home

Need to make a tiktok for your class? Dont know where to start? Worried about having to format and create rythym? Try following along with these guides to improve your tiktok making experience

Where to start

While you are probably still discerning what your direction for your tiktok could be, you might consider learning how others put together the actual video-- this can help you begin to pace, or outline, the way that your video will be structured. 


There are multiple platforms on which you can create a tiktok-like structured video, without ever having to download the app-- if that is something that is of importance to you! In the following videos, you will learn how to create these videos on a few different creative platforms. 

Keeping up with the Trends?

So we have looked through some different ways to create tiktok like videos using other media platforms-- but now you might be asking, how do I create something that is on trend, and would get noticed? Whether you are going to publish your video or not, having an understanding of the pacing of a tiktok trend can help you to adapt your own media to create something that is uniquely you, but still relatable. 

Tik Tok Trends

Check out this webpage for a list of the most popular tiktok trends in 2022-- 

remember, you dont have to follow these guides exactly, and your videos might be significantly longer, but having a base line for the ways that photos, music, and captions are used can help to create a dynamic viewing experiene. 

Free Music Resources