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CE 1105: Assignments

Designed to assist students in learning to use Library & its resources ... where specific materials are located, searching the online catalog & research databases & requesting items not held by the library


The purpose of this guide is to help students enrolled in CE 1105 Introduction to Civil Engineering locate a feature article in the trade journal Civil Engineering, published by American Society of Civil Engineers. In order to complete the assignment in an efficient and expeditious manner, an information-seeking process needs to be established. This guide will help you begin that process and lead you to successful continuous discovery throughout your college education.

Career Assignment

You will need to research specific sub-disciplines of civil engineering to get an idea of types of careers that are established in the field.  For example you may be interested in bridge design or tunnel construction or some other specialty of civil engineering. An easy way to get started is to browse the ASCE Technical Areas website. There you will find things like overviews of the technical areas, ASCE publications for specific technical areas, and related job announcements.

We also have a guide to Career & Job Information in Engineering to help with this assignment; it may come in handy when you are actually in the job market or interested in pursuing graduate research. [Note: this page hasn't been updated in a while, I'll be looking into that matter!]

Finding Feature Article

One of your assignments in CE 1105 is to locate a feature article in a specific issue of the trade journal, Civil Engineering. There are two journals with the title Civil Engineering. One is published by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) and the other is published in South Africa. The Professor wants you to use the ASCE published trade journal.

The attached file will graphically show an individual issue of the trade journal Civil Engineering and how to use the Table of Contents to find a feature article within the issue. An list of the major differences between trade journals and scholarly journals is also included.

The most recent issues of Civil Engineering are located in the Science & Engineering Library (SEL), in the basement of Nedderman Hall. Check the SEL website for hours.