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BIOL 1334 - Evaluating Sources

4 Moves

Move 1: Check for previous fact-checking work.

Have other fact-checking entities already investigated the story or claim?

Move 2: Go upstream to the source.

Can you find an original study or report that your source is citing or using as evidence?

Move 3: Read laterally.

What can you find out about the quality and accuracy of the original source? What do other reputable resources indicate about the accuracy of the story or claim?

Step 4: Circle back.

After steps one through three, what questions still linger about the original story or claim? Is the original story or claim reputable and accurate?

Additional Information (YouTube Link)

Sort Fact from Fiction Online with Lateral Reading

Class Activity

Break into groups of 3 or 4 students. Open the article below



Working in groups, answer the questions on the handouts you received at the beginning of class. Once all groups have completed the handout, we will discuss what we learned.