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ANTH 3341 Anthropology Research Methods

Finding Books

To locate books, use the library catalog and do an Advanced Search. This option can be found to the right of the main search bar. Set the content type filter to Book / eBook. Add terms in the search boxes that relate to your topic. Use Boolean operators if applicable. Examples of search terms might include:

  • archaeology
  • applied anthropology
  • ethnography
  • evolution
  • forensics
  • linguistics
  • physical anthropology
  • primates

You may wish to use even narrower terms, such as a particular culture, language, archaeological site, or species.  Use additional filters if your results are too broad.

Boolean Operators

Using Boolean Operators when searching will give you better, and more accurate, results in most databases and catalogs. If you only search Google or Google Scholar, you won’t get very far.  Google uses natural language, which is great when you want to find everyday things on the open web or get broad results, but natural language doesn’t work in databases.  

  1. An asterisk (*) means look for anything that starts or ends with those letters- child* will look for child, children, childhood, etc.
  2. AND means look for both of these terms- child* AND game* 
  3. OR means look for either of these terms- child* OR juvenile
  4. NOT excludes words or phrases- game* NOT sport*
  5. Using Quotations or brackets will search for a phrase as a whole- "children's games" 
  6. Asterisk (*) all by itself means "show me everything"- set your filters and put * in the search box to see everything that meets those criteria.
  7. Use () to group terms- (child* OR juvenile) AND (game* NOT sport*)

Finding Articles