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Data Analysis and Visualization Series: Home

Workshop series on statistics, data management, and visualization processes, including GIS and DH tools.

Scholarship Support

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Spring Training and Workshop Schedule

The Data Analysis and Visualization (DAVis) workshop series provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to learn about digital tools and techniques for working with various types of data.

  • February 14, 3pm - Introduction to Digital Scholarship Tools* in 315A (registration required)
  • February 16, 3pm - Data Management 101* in 315A (registration required)
  • February 21, 3pm -  Introduction to Data for Humanities* in 315A (registration required)
  • February 22, 3pm – Introduction to SPSS for Statistics* in B20 (registration required)
  • February 28, 3pm - Spatial Analysis Using ArcGIS in B20
  • March 13, 3pm  - Connecting Tableau and ArcGIS in B20
  • March 28, 3pm - Data Visualization Across Different Media* in 315A (registration required)
  • April 18, 3pm - Introduction to QGIS in B04 (to participate, bring a laptop with QGIS installed)

*co-sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies


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Peace Ossom Williamson
Director, Research Data Services
Division of Scholarly Communication

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