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Information for Students

Canvas and Microsoft Teams

Communication Apps

Communication Apps


Interested in sending quick meeting reminders, updates, or announcements to your learners? Do you have small seminar or collaborative groups looking for an easy method for communication? Check out this connected group text application. It allows you to set up groups, include images, post video, and attach items to the group messages. 


This is a private network of channels to offer instant communication and planning among a group of people. Users are able to share files, instant message, set up discussion threads, create notifications, and send private messages to learners in your slack group. This network also connects to other social networks and integrates with other digital platforms, such as GitHub, Zoom, Trello, MailChimp and more. Learn more about Slack here.


Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to post 280 character posts that might include images, hashtags, videos, GIFs, etc. This platform is often used to create a backchannel for a class, discussion forum, live Q&A while teaching, etc. using a hashtag for your course.


This is a free mobile app you can download to keep conversations, communications, reminders, or create mobile assignments with your learners. With this app, learners can easily interact by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages - via text, audio, or sending images, files, and videos.


Game-based Education Applications


Kahoot is an app to gamify learning. It is used to introduce new topics, review content, reinforce knowledge, gain formative assessment/feedback, collect learner opinions, motivate learners, or hold review sessions. Kahoot is offering free access to all features to support distance learning in schools in K-12 & higher ed impacted by the coronavirus.


This flashcard app is highly flexible and offers all sorts of ways to do retrieval practice. Quizlet works great for individuals who want to review materials, but also in a digital classroom context. A favorite is their game called Quizlet Live that is fun for students when reviewing for an exam or practice testing items for an online course.