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Information for Students

FAQ for Tuition, Fees, and Drop Dates

The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to serving UTA students with the highest quality online instruction. As we have transitioned to full online instruction, we strongly encourage you to stay the course as you adapt to the online learning environment. You will gain confidence with the technologies your professors are utilizing and you can  access resources to assist you along the way. Instructors will modify learning activities, including exams as needed to fit the virtual environment.  Be sure to access UTA Remote for online instruction resources.

Q: I am unable to complete all my courses this semester, can I get a tuition and fee refund?

We encourage students to continue and satisfactorily complete their courses. In case they are unable to do so, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and University of Texas System have advised us that we need to use the existing policy in place for refunds. Details on Tuition and Fee Refund Appeals can be found at

Q: What happens if an instructor is unable to complete a course because of COVID-19? 

If the if the university is unable to adapt the course to an online learning environment, student will have the option of requesting an incomplete and completing the course before the end of the next long semester (international students please consult with your advisor and OIE to discuss how this may impact full time enrollment requirements). In addition, if the student elects he/she may be eligible for a refund (contact financial aid to determine eligibility, federal loan obligations etc.) if they choose to drop the course due to inability of the instructor to complete the course. The student is advised to contact the instructor and financial aid for further instructions.  

Q: As my courses have gone online will I get a refund for mandatory fees.

We are following THECB and UT System policy that mandatory fees will not be refunded.

Q: What is the policy on auxiliary fees if I move out of my apartment/dorm room?

Students who vacate their university owned residence halls will be provided a prorated refund of their rent, meal plans and parking. For specific questions, email the appropriate department below with questions.

Residence hall refunds:

Dining refunds:

Parking refunds:

Q: What if I need additional time to pay my next installment of tuition and fees? 

UT Arlington recognizes that during these unprecedented times students may need additional time to pay their tuition installments. UTA will not be charging late fees in Spring 2020 for students who need additional time to pay their tuition. However, all tuition and fees must be paid before the end of the semester.

Q: I have significant financial hardship due to COVID-19, is there help available?

There are limited resources available for students via the Emergency Assistance Fund.  To find out more or apply visit:

Q: What Grade will I be assigned if I drop a course in Spring 2020? 

We encourage you to try and complete the classes you are enrolled in to stay on track with your program.  Students who dropped a course prior to March 16th, 2020 will be assigned a W and be subject to the 6W rule. Students who drop their course between March 17th and April 10th will be assigned a Q grade which will not impact the 6W rule. Please make an appointment with your advisor and your instructor to discuss the impact of dropping a course and get necessary approval prior to dropping a class.

Q: Will there be an extension of deadlines for classes (such as drop dates, midterm grades, or registration for future semesters)? 

Course drop deadline has been moved from April 3rd to April 10th

Registration for future semesters will open on April 6 and continue till the start of the semester. Please make an appointment with your advisor to discuss options for enrollment.