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Sociology: Create a Plan

SOCIOLOGY description: Sociology is the scientific study of society and culture, including social interaction, and social relationships.

Find Keywords in Guides like these to Aid Your Sociological Research Plan

Keywords come to you out of the research that you are doing. Once you have chosen a topic then be aware of how that topic is described and take note of the words used to describe it.

Here listed below are three broad areas of research in which articles and books have been chosen to exemplify related topics. Note how varied the topics can be within each thematic listing. So, for example Hispanics include Latinos, Latinas, Chicanos, and Chicanas. There are also country specific groups, like Mexicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans.

Latinos or Hispanics in the United States
A selection of citations to articles and books that might be of interest to researchers who are examining the Latino, Latina, Chicano, Chicana, or Hispanic experience in the United States.

Keywords that are Frequently Used are often called Descriptors or Subject Headings

Once you have identified a research topic, then select the keywords, technical terms, and key phrases that are essential to an understanding of that topic. Terms and phrases that have been used for quite a while may often be called subject headings or descriptors and these key terms may prove to be the most useful. 

When researching, you are like a detective searching for clues.  Combining the right terms in the right order and in the right place will help you to find the information you need.  Each key term may add to your ability to find yet more information so that in the end you may find all of the information that you are seeking.

Researching some topics is made easier if you know the jargon, lingo, or scientific terms used by the researchers themselves. So, for example, researching about family violence works quicker if you note terms widely used to describe domestic violence.

Domestic and Family Violence: A Selected Bibliography
This guide is intended to aid researchers who are looking for research resources dealing with domestic violence, family violence, spousal abuse, wife battering, or intimate partner violence.

Limit or Expand your Sociological Research

Researchers often want to limit research using some key variables; time, language, and geography are the most common. Most search engines give you the opportunity to limit your searches to just the last few years. Also, most give you a way to limit your searches to a specific language such as English.

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Bibliography
This guide provides a selection of citations and links to articles, books, and dissertations dealing with the modern slave trade, sex trafficking, and the global human trafficking problem.

Poverty and Inequality Bibliography
My UT Arlington Library's guide that gives citations and links to articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations addressing poverty, inequality, and related social policies.

Women and Family Policies Bibliography
A selection of citations to articles, books, and dissertations dealing with women and family's social policies from various social science perspectives.