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Setting Google Scholar Preferences.: Home


Most of us use internet search engines to find information.

Unfortunately a lot of what we find is either not scholarly (not appropriate for college classes) or when we click on it we are asked to pay for it.

There is a part of Google, Google Scholar, that lists things that most professors like. There is a way to get Google Scholar to check and possibly retrieve the information from the UT Arlington Library resources when you are off campus or trying to use the library resources remotely. Once this feature is setup and since you are a student at UT Arlington, you can click on the UT Arlington link and enter your NetID  (myMav) username and password to retrieve the articles. You only have to set up this Google Scholar feature once on any specific computer.

To set up this feature, see the directions below.

Linking Google Scholar to UTA

Did you know that you can configure Google Scholar to offer links back to articles you can get through the University Libraries? Changing a few simple settings is all that's needed.

First, go to Google Scholar - Click on "Settings" at the top of the page.

Library Links

On the page that follows, scroll down to the section labeled "Library Links," located on left side of page and enter University of Texas at Arlington in the blank. Click "Find Library."


Find it @UTA

You are returned to the Google Scholar page.

Your Google Scholar results will now show the Find It @ UTA link if UT Arlington has the listed item.


If you click on this link, a new page opens with the link through to the library.

Linking to Library resources

When you click on the little RED GO, a login on page will appear where you can enter your NetID (MyMav) username and password.
This is just an example page; yours may not be identical; it WILL indicate University of Texas at Arlington.

Log on to the Library site

Login using your NetID (MyMav) info and the article information will appear.

Locate PDF (full text) display

Locate the PDF link to display the article.

This is just an example page; yours may not be identical.

There it is

Save it, print it, or whatever you wish.


You can then choose to continue your Google Scholar search more materials.

This is just an example page; yours may not be identical.