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What is Omeka?

What is Omeka?

Omeka is a web publishing platform and a content management system (CMS), developed by the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University.  Omeka was developed specifically for scholarly content, with particular emphasis on digital collections and exhibits.  ...Omeka has been used by many academic and cultural institutions for its built-in features for cataloging and presenting digital collections.  Developing content in Omeka is complemented by an extensive list of descriptive metadata fields that conforms to Dublin Core, a standard used by libraries, museums and archives ... This additional layer helps to establish proper source attribution, standards for description and organization of digital resources–all important aspects of scholarly work in classroom settings but often overlooked in general blogging platforms.

via Anthony Bushong and David Kim, Intro to Digital Humanities: What is Omeka?

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