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2020 Open Data Day

Hackathon Resources

Hackathon Resources


Great for team communication and collaboration. Available in web, mobile, and desktop apps.



Lightweight markup language. Great for quickly writing structured information. Cheat sheets:


Web-based project management app. Great for keeping track of project tasks.



Version control system. Great for maintaining project files that change over time. Easily distribute source code and other project files.



A git server service with built-in collaboration tools. Free for public/open source projects; free private projects for students and educators. Great place to search for existing software. Also has free static website hosting.


Travis CI

Continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub.


Stack Overflow

Question and answer site for troubleshooting software issues. Answers can come pretty quickly, but be sure to follow guidelines.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

A suite of on-demand cloud computing tool.

See especially:

Unix commands

Instructions typed into a "terminal", or "command line", that instruct a computer to do something. Great for performing repetitive tasks. For documentation and interactivity, see for example:

Text editor

A general purpose program used for editing plain text files. Great for writing source code, markdown files, etc. Some beginner-friendly open source text editors include:

Application frameworks

General purpose software for building out specific applications. Some popular open source frameworks include:


Docker R R Studio ssh unix commands creating an R package software testing python julia javascript groovy ubuntu

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