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KINE4330: Program Design and Administration: Creating a Webpage

This guide reviews the resources available for students to create their own websites, craft their social media presence, and create a resume.

Finding Images and Tables

To find an image that is available for reuse without a copyright permission letter:

  1. Enter your search terms into
  2. Click Search Tools
  3. Click Usage Rights
  4. Select the Creative Commons' license you can use (probably Labeled for Reuse)
  5. Select the image you would like to use and collect the information you will need for your reference page or bibliography--even though it's labeled for reuse, you need to credit the original source, and Google Image is not the source!  Detailed instructions on citing an image from Google Image can be found here

  1. Enter your search terms in the search box
  2. Select a source to search, such as Flickr
  3. Select your image and use the image source to provide an accurate citation.  More citation instructions can be found here

When you are searching for an image using this source, you are looking at images and tables that have been published in journal articles.  Details of how to cite these images can be found here


When you find an image from this source, you will need to provide the access information, but no special information about copyright or permissions is required.

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