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JOUR 4393 - Data Driven Journalism: Spreadsheets

Data Management & Spreadsheets

Please view the video and accompanying activity below.


Part I:

Using the principles of Tidy Data, open the file below to retrieve data. Determine a visual you'd like to show and create a bar chart in Excel showing that visual. (For example, if you wanted to show the rates in 2007-2009 (one bar per age group), how would you structure your table to do so?)


NOTE: You will likely be creating your own spreadsheet, plucking information from the one provided below.


Share your bar chart with your professor in the manner they assigned.

Part II:

Recreate the chart in Google Fusion Tables using the instructional videos below.

Recommended Reading


*Please note: Peace will be out of the office this semester.* Please contact the following individuals for assistance:

Heather Scalf -

Leni Matthews -

Ali Behseresht -

Director, Research Data Services