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Not a Fear Factor (TechnoScholar): Home

This guide has been created to be used as part of the TechnoScholar Series of workshops for UTA faculty and graduate students. It is in the process of being updated.

What's in this guide?

This guide is intended to be used, primarily, by new/young scholars/researchers who are looking to publish, but are not sure how to go about assessing the journals in their field, and who might be looking for possible partners for collaboration. It can also be used by established researchers/faculty who want to find out what the Impact Factor of a journal is, or what impact, if any, they themselves have made in their particular field.

In this guide, the various tabs will give you information on the following:

A)  Finding Scholarly Publishing Resources - Information on various types of resources used to locate possible journals for publishing

B)  Impact Factor - Definition of Impact Factor, and what it is used for.

C)  Searching for Impact Factor - A list of tools used to measure the impact factor of journals.

D)   Altmetrics - Definition of altmetrics, and a list of altmetrics apps

E)  Finding Collaborators - Sources used to identify scholars in your field for possible collaboration

F)  Managing Your Citations - Information about different types of citation software used