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Hit The Library: Using Library Resources for Social Work: Finding Sources

Types of Sources

Popular: Sources published in newspapers and magazines intended for general audience. 

Scholarly: Well researched sources that have been written for scholars, students, and experts in the discipline area.

Peer Reviewed: Articles that have been evaluated by other professionals in the field to check for accuracy and adherence to disciplinary standards.

Know the Difference

Article: Articles are the individual "stories" published in a newspaper, magazine, or journal. For example, the story about the Rangers published in Sports Illustrated is an article.

Journal: Journals contain several articles published about a specific subject area and are typically scholarly. For example, the article about stem cells was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Database: Databases index millions of articles published in thousands of newspapers, magazines, and journals. There are databases that index sources from many different discipline areas, while others are subject specific. For example, the New York Times can be accessed by searching the database Lexis Nexis Academic.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that allows users to search for scholarly materials on a topic.  Instead of searching the entire web (like Google), Google Scholar searches the scholarly literature provided by numerous academic publishers, professional societies, universities and scholarly organizations.  Search results include citations from peer-reviewed journals, theses, papers, books and technical reports.  For the most part, Google Scholar provides citation-only results.  The full-text of an article or book can be accessed by using the Find it @ UTA link.  If you are using Google Scholar off campus,  you will need to set your ‘Scholar Preferences’ to University of Texas at Arlington.

Linking Google Scholar to UTA

Did you know that you can configure Google Scholar to offer links back to articles you can get through the University Libraries? Changing a few simple settings is all that's needed.

First, go to Google Scholar - Click on "Scholar Preferences" at the top of the page.

Google Scholar Preferences Link

On the page that follows, scroll down to the section labeled "Library Links," and enter University of Texas Arlington in the blank. Click "Find Library."

You'll then see two options for connecting to URI's Full Text databases. Check both boxes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Google Scholar page and click on "Save Preferences." The next time you search, you'll be linked back to UTA to locate full text of documents.