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Gutierrez, Jose - When & Where Paper

When and where will Hispanics become the voting majority in Texas?

Each student is provided with a county.  They need to specify if and when Hispanics will become (or has become) the voting majority in this county.  Voters are defined as 18 years of age and citizens.  A 10-page paper must be drafted detailing the Hispanic voter statistics, the underlying causes of these statistics, and how the technology they used (for example GIS) assisted them in this research.

Course Instructor: Dr. Jose Gutierrez

Paper Expectations

The following activities must be completed by all students working on this paper:

  1. Use the provided data tables to determine the precise years when your county's voter population reaches 50% Hispanics in all projection scenarios.
  2. Generate maps illustrating Hispanic voter counts from various population scenarios.
  3. Calculate the % change in Hispanic voter counts from various population scenarios.
  4. Explain the socio-economic background that is creating these trends, using almanacs, year books, journal articles, and books.
  5. Evaluate the usefulness and trustworthiness of the the technologies and data sources used.