This site is a place to gather all info needed for grants applications for the Libraries.

Grants @UTA Libraries

The Grant Cycle

Step 1 in acquiring grant funding is identifying a need -- you can't very well ask a funding agency for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars without a good reason! Once you have identified a need, then it's time to look for a funding opportunity. It's crucial to make sure that your need matches the goals of the funding agency (aka the sponsor)!  Applying for a grant from a sponsor whose funding goals do not match your need is a waste of time. 

Funding agencies (especially state and federal agencies) release statements when they are ready to receive proposals; these statements go by various names: request for proposal (RFP), call for proposal (CFP), and for the federal government, notice of funding opportunity (NOFO). Usually, you can submit a proposal only at a specific time, so if you can't find a funding opportunity that fits your need right away, it's best to keep looking (see links on the Grants and Funding News page). Here's a simplified version of the funding cycle: 

Each proposal is unique and should follow the guidelines the funding agency has published, but most have some common sections or parts. The rest of these tabs in this box give information about them.

UT Arlington Grant and Contract Services

"UT Arlington Grant and Contract Services is the central resource and expert partner on research administration providing support and oversight of sponsored projects. GCS represents the University of Texas at Arlington as the institutional official for proposal submission and award acceptance ensuring compliance with federal regulations, sponsor requirements and University policies."

"Any commitment or use of UT Arlington facilities, equipment, or resources (faculty time) toward the performance of a grant or contract must be administered and controlled by UT Arlington. Only authorized officials assigned by the University President may commit the University to an external project, which includes the formal submission of proposals and/or acceptance of awards. The Office of Grant and Contract Services (GCS) is the formal authority to review, submit and accept sponsored projects for external funding. GCS, through the Proposal Process, serves the faculty and university to help ensure all research and extramurally funded projects conducted by university employees comply with relevant federal, state, UT System/Board of Regents and Sponsor policies." (More information here, including an outline of the process, step by step.)

Contacts at GCS for the Libraries:

Examples of CFPs, CFAs, and NOFOs