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Evidence Based Practice Social Work: Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Hierarchy of Social Work Evidence

EPB Basics

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a process which involves critical thinking and evaluation of information to determine the most effective and efficient treatment for your client or community. It is a three pronged approach, taking into consideration:

  • The Practitioner's Individual Expertise
  • The Client's Values and Expectations
  • The Best Evidence


Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Scholarly Impact and Social Sciences Librarian

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Brooke Troutman
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EPB Steps

1. Formulate a client, community, or policy-related question

2. Systematically search the literature (published evidence)

3. Appraise findings for quality and applicability

4. Apply these findings and considerations in practice

5. Evaluate the results.

Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses

EBP Tutorial