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Following my presentations to each section of ENGR 1101, I stick around to answer questions. This is the list of questions I am most frequently asked. I'm sharing them here so that all students in the class can benefit from their answers. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.

FabLab Questions

Note: The UTA FabLab has a full FAQ that you may want to read:

Q: Does it cost anything to use the FabLab?

A: We only charge for materials. See

Q: What materials can be used in the laser cutter/etcher?

A: An approved list of materials is found at the same link as above. Any material not on that list will need to be authorized at point-of-service. Some plastics are forbidden because of toxic fumes, and some highly reflective materials are forbidden because they may ruin the laser. You may bring in any material and one of our staff will inspect it and let you know if you can use it in the laser cutter/etcher.

Q: Do I need to know how to use the equipment/software in advance?

A: No. With the exception of wood shop equipment, we have highly trained staff that will teach you at point-of-service. They will help you with software, equipment, and thinking through the design process. They will not do your work for you. Equipment in the wood shop requires you to complete basic safety training and training for each piece of equipment that you plan to use. A schedule of wood shop training is here:

Q: Is the FabLab hiring?

A: When we have open student positions, they are posted on Handshake: Other positions are posted here:

Other Questions

Q: Does the library have textbooks?

A: See:

Q: What's in the Special Collections?

A: See: