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Email Etiquette

This guide will help you craft emails that are professional.

This video was created by a Professor and provides essentials to include in your emails. 

This page has information specific to emailing your professor. For general etiquette tips that should be implemented in ALL formal communication, click the General Etiquette Tips tab.

Is Your Email Necessary?

Before writing your professor an email, review course materials such as the syllabus, grading rubric, or other course documents for the answer to your question. If your course has a discussion board, check there too for the answer to your question. 

Most questions can be answered with a thorough review of the course materials. The number one complaint from professors is that students do not review the information before sending emails.  Remember, professors get hundreds of emails a day.  Make yours count!

You can also check the library for a guide that might answer your questions.  Guides can be found here

Consider Your Email Address:

When you are writing your professor or instructor, you are expected to use the email account issued by your school.  Other accounts may go into the professor's junk or spam email folders because you are not recognized as part of the network. 

The Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your professor will see when they look at their email list.  Things to consider about the subject line:

  • Your professor receives hundreds of emails a day from various sources.
  • Your email subject line will need to look like it is from a student to get the professor's attention.
  • Include the following information in your subject line
    • Course Name and Section Number (Example: NURS 5366-001)
    • Email topic (Example: Meeting Request for Exam 4 Review)