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EDCO 5242: Finding Tests and Measurements: Home

Whats in this guide

Identifying and finding tests and measures are two different processes.

Identifying refers to locating a test or measure which might be suitable for your research. There are many aids available to assist you in identifying tests and measures by criteria.

Finding refers to tracking down a copy of the actual measurement. Finding a measure that you have identified can be tricky and challenging, often depending on if that measure was published or unpublished.

This guide can help you identify and find tests and measures.

There are several parts to this guide:

  • Identifying Tests
  • Finding Tests
  • Finding Tests in Databases
  • Using Tests/Measures

If you need assistance in identifying or finding a measure, you are welcome to contact me. My contact information is to the right.

Guide Credit

Credit to Dan Chaney of Oklahoma State University for creating this guide. I adapted it with his permission.