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CSE 6329: Publication Formats

This guide is intended to help students in CSE 6329 quickly identify the most relevant scholarly databases for conducting their research, and to provide some useful tips to help keep work organized through the research process.

Publication Formats

IEEE defers to the Chicago Manual of Style for additional rules on grammar and usage not included in their own style manual. UT Arlington Libraries have access to the Chicago Manual both online and in print, listed below.

The ACM doesn't specify where to defer for additional style rules. Their reference examples closely follow APA format. If you are looking for style rules that do not correspond to the examples in their template, I recommend deferring to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA Manual] for additional rules on style and usage. UT Arlington Libraries has access to the APA Manual only in print, listed below. We have the supplement APA Style Guide to Electronic References available online.