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CSE 6329: Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

This guide is intended to help students in CSE 6329 quickly identify the most relevant scholarly databases for conducting their research, and to provide some useful tips to help keep work organized through the research process.

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

In graduate level research, it is common to need important items that UTA Libraries do not own. In cases like these, it is recommended to have an interlibrary loan account set up and ready to go. This way, when you identify an item that you need for your research, you can quickly request the item through interlibrary loan. Most papers can be delivered electronically to your interlibrary loan account within days. Physical items like books and DVDs can also be requested, but they will take longer to acquire.

ILLiad is UT Arlington's web-based system that lets you manage Interlibrary Loan transactions from wherever you have access to the internet and a web browser.

With ILLiad, you can:

  • Request materials that aren't available from UTA Libraries
  • Edit or cancel requests that you've made
  • Check the status of your requests
  • Get your articles online if you've authorized electronic delivery of online articles
  • Reinstate ILL requests that you had canceled
  • See a history of the requests you've made, canceled, and received since using ILLiad