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Email Etiquette

This guide will help you craft emails that are professional.

This page has information specific to emailing your a prospective employer. For general etiquette tips that should be implemented in ALL formal communication, click the General Etiquette Tips tab.

Emailing a Prospective Employer

When emailing a prospective employer, you should consider the way you are representing yourself. You want the employer to see that you are conscientious, can communicate effectively, and can be an asset to their team. To do so, keep the following in mind:

  • Use proper grammar and punctuation - We covered this in the General Etiquette Tips section, but it bears repeating. Minor mistakes may make the employer wonder what other mistakes you would make that could cost the company greatly.
  • Be concise - if the employer feels that you have wasted their time, they are less likely to want to hire you.
  • Do your research - don't ask questions that you can easily find the answer to on their website.

Visit this webpage for more information about emailing a prospective employer.

If you have questions while preparing for your job hunt, please contact the UTA Career Development Center. They provide assistance with crafting your resume, preparing for an interview, and much more!