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SOCW 5353 Social Health Policy and Social Justice: Finding Sources

Finding Federal Documents

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public. It contains financial and nonfinancial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the Federal government. is a government site created to help citizens identify sources of assistance and benefits available. The site provides information from 17 federal agencies about more than 1,000 government programs. Users can search by categor, browse by state or by federal agency and find links to other federal resources providing programs and benefits. - Government Benefits, Grants & Financial Aid

This site provides links to information on government programs by broad topics, such as housing assistance, educational assistance, help for seniors and people with disabilities, assistance for children and families, and assistance related to health and nutrition.

Karger and Stoesz Framework Model

Other Sources for Social Work Perspectives

A History of Social Welfare Digital Collection - Cornell


Basic Search Plan Activity