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SOCW 2361 Introduction to Social Work: Background Info

Background Information for Fields of Practice Paper

Background information is a very beneficial place to start before you look into articles with empirical evidence for your paper.

It is also necessary for completing your Fields of Practice Research Paper for this course. Background information is where you will find things like statistics to discuss the magnitude of the problem. Background information is also where you will want to look for definitions.

Background information comes from things like Encyclopedias or government websites (like the CDC website). These are not peer reviewed sources. These provide the context to help you strengthen your topic into a research question that you can effectively search in the academic literature.


Data & Statistics


Perform a scoped Google search for statistical information online. Here's an example of a search that is limited to .gov webpages:

Search: Dallas homeless statistics site:gov

Other endings:



Google Web Search

Other Sources for Social Work Perspectives