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Open Access Publishing: Transformative Open Access Agreements

This resource will guide you in the use of UTA Libraries' OA Publishing Fund.

Transformative Agreement as a New Publishing Model


Traditionally, institutions subscribe to journals with a subscription fee so that the institutional members can access journal content that would otherwise be behind a paywall. Open Access (OA) publishing allows anyone to access and re-use the journal content subject to license agreement at no cost. To make an article OA, authors usually need to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the publisher. Under a new publishing model, namely Transformative Open Access Agreement, funds used for subscription are partially allocated for paying the APC on behalf of authors of the institution. 

UTA has entered into Transformative OA Agreements with Cambridge University Press (CUP) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which cover publication in CUP or ACM’s journals. During the pilot period (2021-2023), the subscription fee paid to the publishers is partially used to cover the Article Processing Charge (APC) for publishing articles in OA journals and hybrid journals with an OA option. In other words, all publications from corresponding authors from UTA published during the term in CUP or ACM journals, conference proceedings and magazines will be made Open Access at the time of publication at no cost to UTA scholars.

  • Who is eligible?

             All UTA scholars are eligible to receive this Transformative OA Agreements benefit, provided that

  • The corresponding author of the manuscript must be either a UTA scholar.
  • The UTA affiliation, address, and email must be used by the corresponding author for manuscript submission.
  • The manuscript has been accepted for publication during the pilot period.
  • The corresponding author is affiliated with UTA at the time of paper acceptance.
  • How to apply?

             Please refer to the publisher section below for the procedures to claim the APC/CUP waiver.

  • What journals are included in the pilot?

All OA journals and hybrid journals with an OA option published by ACM/CUP are included. Please refer to the publisher section below for the full list of journals.

  • Is the APC waived fully or partially?

The APC/CUP is fully waived for eligible UTA scholars.

  • Is there any quota?

There is no quota. UTA scholars can submit as many papers as they want for OA publishing, however only those papers accepted for publication during the pilot period will be eligible for the APC/CUP waiver.

ACM Open


  • UTA Libraries has negotiated a transformative open access agreement with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) that covers publication for all journals, conference proceedings, and magazines of the world's largest scientific and educational computing society. Here is a list of ACM journals, conference proceedings and magazines which are included in the agreement:
  • UTA - affiliated corresponding authors who publish with ACM retain copyright and publish open access (via CC BY license) at no cost to the author. ACM will also make deposits into institutional repositories for all co-authors from UTA. 
  • Read more about ACM OPEN (ACM's Transformative Model for Open Access Publication) and UTA’s commitment. UTA faculty, students, and staff continue to receive unlimited and unrestricted access to all content in the ACM Digital Library.
  • Submissions made prior to the agreement between January 1, 2021 and March 23, 2021 are eligible. Authors who submitted prior to implementation of the workflow may have their APC returned. Authors who do not wish to publish open access may opt out and publish their work as subscription-only.
  • ACM will also make deposits under the agreement into our institutional repository, UTA ResearchCommons, for the UTA authors. 


  1. You receive a link to the ACM Open Author eRights platform in an email from the journal editor upon acceptance of your manuscript for publication, as a result of your UTA affiliation.
  2. Make a choice regarding the ACM Open program:
    1. To select the ACM Open for UTA authors, simply retain the default selection, which will be labeled: Institutionally paid Open Access with Author Retaining Copyright and all rights to their work. 
    2. To select closed-access publication, select one of the other two options. You will be provided with one of ACM’s two traditional publication agreements and will follow a standard ACM workflow process to complete one of those agreements.  With this option, your article will be available only for subscribers to the ACM Digital Library.
  3. Upon selection of the ACM Open, you are asked to select their choice of Creative Commons (CC) license.
  4. Following submission of your eRights form, you will receive an email confirmation of the acceptance of the form along with a copy for your record. 

Please note that you must use your UTA email address to be routed to the ACM Open program.


Many thanks to University College Dublin Library, University of Limerick, Glucksman Library, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, who gave me permission to reuse their guides, as the basis for this guide.


Yumi Ohira

Digital Publishing & Repository Librarian

Cambridge University Press


The Cambridge University Press (CUP) has published 44 full Gold OA journals and more than 330 hybrid journals that offer an OA option, covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine. The journal list is available at the Cambridge Journals webpage or for downloading, See below. The list is valid at press time, but the publisher may make minor changes without prior notice.

All articles published by the UTA scholars will be deposited in our institutional repository, UTA ResearchCommons.


1. Go to the journal webpage, click on the [Submit your article] button. Log in or create an account if you do not have one yet. Make sure you have used UTA affiliation, address, and email for your account registration.

2. In the Author section, click on the [Begin Submission] button to start a new submission.

3. If the article is accepted for publication, you will receive an acceptance email. If your article is accepted by a hybrid journal with an OA option, please choose the [Gold Open Access] for the preferred access type.

4. After the publishing agreement is signed off, the corresponding author will receive an email from the Publisher's Rightslink system and being requested to pay the APC.

5. Register and log in to the Rightslink, you will see a notification funding options. Check the [Seek Funding from the University of Texas at Arlington] option.

6. Upon receiving your response, the Publisher will check whether the OA article is eligible for APC waiver based on the corresponding author’s institution information. Please ensure you have used the UTA affiliation, address, and email for the manuscript submission. 

For further details on the CUP agreement, please click HERE. You can find a recording of the Read & Publish Author Training webinar by the CUP HERE