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Not a Fear Factor (TechnoScholar): Searching for
Impact Factor

This guide has been created to be used as part of the TechnoScholar Series of workshops for UTA faculty and graduate students. It is in the process of being updated.

Tools: Searching for Journal Impact

These are the most widely accepted tools/methods for calculating a journal's impact factor:

Tools: Searching for Author Impact

The h-index

What is the h-index? It is a way of calculating a scientist's scholarly impact based on the number of papers they have published and the number of times they have been cited. The h-index will vary depending on what database you use to calculate the h-index. (for example, Google Scholar or ISI Web of Science).
 Here are some databases that are useful in searching for information on scholars and their impact factor:

Limitations of Using the JCR

  • Limited coverage -
    •    covers only journals indexed in its database
    •    newer journals not covered - needs 3 years of data to be included
    •    Mostly covers only English Language journals
    •    Primarily only considers articles and review articles
    •    US bias of journals included in database

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