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Course Guide: Transfer Pricing: Authoritative Sources

Instructor: Dr. Bob Rogers
Guest Speaker: Joshua Been
Semester: Spring 2014

Checkpoint's Authoritative Tax Resources

Checkpoint database opens in the "Federal" Tax section.  [Use the drop down menu in the upper left part of the screen to navigate to other sections]. Checkpoint can also be accessed from the Database A to Z List on the Libraries' home page.

  • Federal Income Taxation - Expert Analysis, BNA U.S. Income Portfolios, Current Awareness, Primary Source Materials, and Legislation. Content is provided by ThomsonReuters/RIA, Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), and U.S. Government.
  • State and Local Taxes - Tax Laws and Regulations for 50 States within the U.S., WG&L Journals
  • Estate Planning - Tax Planning Guides, Primary Source Materials, and Legislation
  • Pension and Benefits / Payroll -  News/Current Awareness, Primary Source Materials and Legislation / Payroll Guide, Primary Source Materials, Employment Laws/Regulations, Tax Treaties, and Withholding Tables


Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Library