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Course Guide: Transfer Pricing: Articles

Instructor: Dr. Bob Rogers
Guest Speaker: Joshua Been
Semester: Spring 2014


E-Journals and E-Books link on left side of UTA Libraries' home page:

If you have a known article that you are trying to find the full text article PDF for, sometimes the E-Journal search will help you find it quickly from the UTA Libraries home page:

  1. From the left side of the Libraries' home page,
  2. Click on E-Journals and E-Books
  3. Change the bullet to Journals only
  4. Type in the name of the Journal that your article has been published in
  5. If given multiple possibilities, make sure the date of coverage of a database, includes the date of the article
  6. Click on the best possible choice for the date of the article you are trying to get
  7. Once at a database, search by last name of an author
  8. If a large number of articles come up, narrow it down by adding more filters in the search box, such as a 2nd author last name, or a keyword from the article title
  9. If the PDF icon appears, click on it to download the article