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CHEM 1465: Doing Research

Chemistry for Engineers AURAS ESP Section

Research Checklist

·         Be sure I know my NetID & password to log into any on-campus PC or access remotely

·         Have MavID for quota-based printing if using any on-campus printers

·         Be sure I have an Interlibrary loan (ILL) account

o   To request materials the library doesn’t have or a particular journal issue not at UT Arlington library

·         Consider getting a TexShare card

o   To check out materials from other Texas libraries (academic, community, public)

·         Know how to use the online catalog

o   Search for books on a topic or for specific book or journal titles

o   Place a recall on a book checked out

o   Retrieve a book or journal from the Library Collections Depository (LCD)

·         Know how to find the appropriate databases

o   Resources by Subject LibGuide /

o   A-Z database listing /

·         Know how to search for and retrieve full-text articles from the databases

o   Can also search within a full-text journal

·         Search WorldCat database

o   Lets one see if book or journal is available in a library in the Metroplex or elsewhere – use in conjunction with ILL

·         Get a RefWorks account (personal database of references)

o   Select the correct citation style required

o   Create bibliographies and insert citations into research paper

·         Know my subject librarian & contact info

o   Antoinette Nelson

o or 817-272-7433

Getting Started

·         Select a topic and gather background information

o   Dictionaries, encyclopedias, browse journals

o   Build a vocabulary: keywords, subject headings, synonyms or related terms

·         Use resources to locate information on the topic

o   Online catalog – books, journals, etc.

o   Databases – articles, conference proceedings, reports

o   A professional in that field

o   Use authoritative websites on the Internet

·         Google or Google Scholar

o   Though quick and easy to use, can retrieve numerous hits that may or may not be relevant or comprehensive enough

·         Start EARLY!!


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Antoinette Nelson
Central Library
Office: 313