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CHEM 1465: Citing ACS

Chemistry for Engineers AURAS ESP Section

Cite Sources using ACS Style

This flyer gives examples of how to cite various sources used in research according to the Amercian Chemical Society citation format.

Using RefWorks

This flyer gives a brief overview on getting started with RefWorks, how to export citations from databases and creating bibliographies.

Online Citation Programs

These web sites will help you to cite your sources, but you should always double check and make sure that the citation is correct. 

ACS Citing Examples

From a print journal:
Hong, S. Y.; Kwon, S. J.; Kim, S. C.; Marynick, D. S.  Effects of   bridging groups on
      electronic structures of conjugated cyclic polymers.  Synth Met 2007, 69,  701-2.
Online journal article also in print accessed from the library catalog directly to the journal webpage:
Hong, S. Y.; Kwon, S. J.; Kim, S. C.; Marynick, D. S.  Effects of bridging groups on
     electronic structures of conjugated cyclic polymers.   Synth Met [Online] 2007,   
     Oct. 20, 2010).
An internet website:
Hong, S. Y.  Effects of bridging groups on electronic structures of conjugated cyclic
      polymers, 2007.  American Chemical Society. (accessed  
      Oct. 20, 2010)

SciFinder Citaiton Info

Bibliographic Information from SciFinder:


Transition-metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond formation via carbon-hydrogen activation.  Intermolecular hydroacylation:  the addition of aldehydes to alkenes.      Marder, Todd B.; Roe, D. Christopher; Milstein, David.    Cent. Res. Dev. Dep.,  E. I. DuPont De Nemours and Company,  Wilmington,  DE,  USA.    Organometallics (1988),  7(6),  1451-3.  CODEN: ORGND7  ISSN: 0276-7333.  Journal  written in English.    CAN 108:221092    AN 1988:221092    CAPLUS   

Information in yellow highlight above includes all the citation information you will need in order to put it in the correct ACS citation style format.  See below for example of correct citation using the highlighted information.


Literature Citation Example in correct ACS style format: 

Marder, T.; Roe, C.; & Milstein, D. Transition-metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond formation
         via  carbon- hydrogen activation intermolecular  hydroacylation:  the addition of aldehydes
Organometallics. [Online] 1988, 7, 1451-3. SciFinder. (accessed Oct. 20, 2010).     

Points to remember when using the ACS style:

·         Use author's last name and initials (do not spell out the first name)

   Ø        List all authors names in the order they are listed. 

   Ø       Do NOT alphabetize the names

·   Only the volume number is listed, not the issue

·         Be sure and add [Online] after the journal title and before the publication date.  This shows the article was retrieve online vs getting it from a print journal off the shelf

·         SciFinder database is web based, therefore add the URL after the title of the database and before the date accessed  - ex: SciFinder. (accessed Oct. 20, 2010).  *Note the "s" after http.  

·          Most journal names are abbreviated, so be sure and check for the abbreviated journal title at the following 


Citation Guides


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