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Evaluating Websites: Which is Better?

Learn how to determine which websites will meet the standard for use in college research.

Your Choice

Your Choice
Website 1: 74 votes (14.65%)
Website 2: 431 votes (85.35%)
Total Votes: 505

The Sixties




You are doing a research paper about the 1960's.  You want to find the out if the hippie culture lead to any long term social change in America.  Your professor says you can cite only one website.  Both of these sites may be good but one may be more helpful for your research. 

Which of these would you choose?
Click on the pictures to check out these websites.)


Ask Yourself: 


  • Which of these sites is produced by an academic institution?
  • Which one gives you better access to primary sources?
  • Which ones more thoroughly analyzes the impact of the Hippies on American Society?