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Evaluating Websites: Coverage

Learn how to determine which websites will meet the standard for use in college research.

Does this site fully cover your topic? Does it give you enough information?




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  • Is the topic coverage adequate? Does it state a date / topic / scope?*

  • Are there links to more sources of information? 

  • Are the extra links to reputable sites?

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Can you find information about all aspects of the European Union? 

What is the budget for the EU in 2010? 


*Date: The date of the website refers to when it was created and when content has been last updated. If nothing has been added to a site for two years , the information might be out of date. Date overlaps with Currency.


Topic and Scope have some overlap. For example, the Topic of a web site can be World War II. However, when you examine the site, you may notice that the true Scope may be American military participation in WW II (which is not the entirety of information about WWII) Scope can also address whether the site only covers one side of an issue or many sides of the issue (this overlaps with Objectivity somewhat). Scope can also refer to the type of content that you are able to find. Using the WWII example, does the site only include first person testimony (primary resources), original documents (primary resources), or can you also find scholarly, researched articles (secondary sources)?