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CHEM 1445: Class Project Assignment

Sources for library research in science

Class Assignment

CHEM 1445 Class Project

Part 1: Choosing the article (Deadline: Monday, November 10th, 5 pts)

Friday, October 31 Special Topics: Searching Science Articles

Antoinette Nelson, MLS, from Science and Engineering Library will give a special presentation.  She will explain

·         What are good sources of science articles that are targeted toward general audiences? 

·         How do you search an article?

·         How do you cite articles when you use them to write a paper?

·         What is plagiarism or what is considered as plagiarism?

Find one article from sources and by methods you will learn in her talk.  You can either find an article in the hard copy form or the electronic form.  However, turn in the hard copy of the article you choose by the due date.  Please do not email your article.

·         You are interested in the article.

·         The article must be from the recommended sources (listed in her talk).

·         The article has to be related to chemistry (not to other sciences).

·         The article cannot be a small column or news.  It must be a full article.

·         The article must be published between 2007 and 2008.

More than one student cannot choose the same article.  If two or more students choose the same article, the student who turned in the article first will be able to use the article.  You will be notified if your article does not satisfy the requirements.  Then you must find another article.


Part 2: Writing a paper (Deadline: Tuesday, November 25th, 5 pts)

Summarize and explain the article you choose into the one-page paper.   If necessary, use as many references (other articles) as you need.  Your paper must be one-page length, typed with 12 pt font, single-spaced.  The maximum of one inch margin is allowed on all sides.  Quotes cannot be more than 5% of the paper in total.  Also papers must include proper use of citations.  Turn in your paper with the hard copy of the article.  Please do not send your paper by email.  Plagiarism found in a paper is considered as academic dishonesty.  Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and dismissal from the University.



1) A student who failed to turn in the first part of the project in time can continue to participate in the project if she/he decides to do so under the following conditions:

·         The first part must be completed by Monday, November 17.

·         The grade of your first part of the project is zero.

2) No extension to the second part will be given, and after the due date, your paper will not be accepted.  I recommend that you aim to completing the assignment earlier than the due date in order for last-minutes emergencies to prevent you from completing the work.

3) 10% of your final grade will come from your Class Project.