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Biology Lab Manual Workshops: Home

Help for students in introduction to biology labs: using Excel, conducting a literature review, and citing using CSE

Workshop Schedule Fall 2016

All workshops will be held in Room B20 of the Central Library

Data and Results

Literature Review

CSE and References

How to use Excel to perform basic data analysis and  create data displays

September 21: 9 am-11:00 am

September 22: 11am–1:00 pm

October 10: 11 am–1:00 pm

How to find and use primary sources in a literature  review      

September 28: 9 am-11:00 am

September 29: 11 am–1:00 pm

October 12: 11 am–1:00 pm

How to create citations in CSE style

October 5: 9 am-11:00 am

October 6: 11 am–1:00 pm

October 13: 11 am–1:00 pm

October 14, 10am-2pm

Additional Come-and-Go help for finding articles for a literature review and CSE style