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Social Work Professionalism and Student Success: Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is one of the standards that every student at UTA is expected to follow. In short, it means openly and honestly representing your academic work. A big part of this is giving credit to the academic work of others

Think of it like any other kind of work. Plagiarism would be like taking full credit for a project a co-worker put just as much work into. Or, it might be like adding a co-worker's hours to your own timesheet along with your own.

There would be major consequences for this kind of dishonesty in the workplace, and there are major consequences when it comes to writing papers or working on other projects for your classes.

That said, not all plagiarism is intentional. The infographic below and the videos to the right can help you avoid unintentional plagiarism. 

How to avoid plagiarism

Embedding content online, like the video above, is similar to a citation in a paper. It is a way of pointing back to the original source and giving credit to the original poster. But you can also include a citation, like the one below to cover all of your bases, or if you wanted to cite the above video for a paper.

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Plagiarism: How to Avoid it

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