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ORCID: ORCID and You, the Researcher

What will ORCID and UTA do for me, the Researcher?

Description:ORCIDWhat are the benefits?

Benefits to you, the researcher:

  1. Eliminate name ambiguities
  2. Improve dicoverability
  3. Streamline grant application processes
  4. Increase visibility of research profile
  5. Facilitate networking 
  6. Use ORCID as a hub between funding agencies, publishers, repositories, and article databases
  7. Save time through reducing repetitive data entry

Benefits to UTA:

  1. Easier tracking of researcher publications
  2. Identification of faculty publications for institutional repository
  3. Opportunity to provide research support
  4. Integration of the library in the campus research workflow
  5. Disambiguated search results
  6. Strengthened relationships between librarians and researchers

 Is ORCID interoperable with national, institutional, and other identity systems?

ORCID allows and encourages users to link their ORCID record to other identifiers.  For example, researchers can link their Scopus Author ID to ORCID, or link to ORCID from their ResearcherID record, and in both cases synchronize publication data with their ORCID record. The ORCID identifier structure is compatible with the ISO 277729 standard established by International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI).

How will this help with my workflow?  

Unlike other platforms and databases which may only cover a portion of your total output, or only certain types of outputs, you can add all of your publications, works and activities to your ORCID profile to create a comprehensive listing in one place, including outputs like datasets, peer review activities and more. 

An ORCID ID can reduce repetitive data entry:

Enter once, reuse often!ORCID links graphic

  • for manuscript submissions to publishers who have implemented ORCID (Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Elsevier)
  • from and to other ID systems (ResearcherID)
  • for funding applications to agencies that have implemented ORCID 
  • used by employers or professional associations 

What will happen if I leave UTA?

Your ORCID ID and profile goes with you.  Its not directly attached to UTA, but its is attached to you, the researcher.  It is yours to keep for a lifetime and will be with you every step of the way in your career.


Who is using ORCID?

Who Is Using ORCID