This guide will help you publish a journal with Open Journals System.

Publishing with Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Thinking of Starting a New Journal?

What is it like to start and manage an online journal? Here is some insight from people who know:

  • What does it take to run your own journal? by Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar. BioMed Central, 2014. An informative and succinct blog posting by the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice.
  • "Case study on the development of the International Journal of Exercise Science," by Scott Lyons. Berkeley Electronic Press Case Studies Collection, 2011. This is a summary case study on the origination, development, marketing, and on-going management of a student-focused journal, written by one of its faculty founders.
  • Starting a new scholarly journal in Africa (PDF), by Kevin Stranack. Public Knowledge Project, 2008. A thorough examination of the questions and choices available to new editors. Chapters include Types of Journals Published, Publication Methods, Economic Models, Promoting a New Journal, and Ensuring the Success of a New Journal.

Assessing your Readiness

Implementation will go more smoothly if you have a strong sense of your readiness.

  • If you want to customize the look and feel of your site, you will need to be comfortable with editing CSS and HTML.
  • If you have staff predesignated to serve as journal managers, editors, copyeditors, layout editors and reviewers.
  • If you are moving from print to digital publishing, you will need to build a plan for communicating the changes to your subscribers.
  • If you have content hosted on another platform or back files in PDF format, it is possible to import the files. We can provide guidance on batch processing if you have a large number of files. Batch processing requires familiarity with XML.
  • If you are new to journal publishing, you will need to allow extra time to become familiar with managing the review process.

 The more complex your setup, the more planning and time you will need to invest.