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Toolkit for Library Liaisons

Checklist (DRAFT)

This is an early draft of the in-progress new liaisons' checklist. When the Liaisons Leadership Committee completes work on the new liaison model, this checklist will be updated with identified best practices. The committee anticipates having this work completed by mid-summer 2021. 

  • Identify and contact key persons in your subject areas. These will be the people who you maintain continual contact with.
  • Log all reference and instruction transactions.
  • Read our Collections Policy:
    • Schedule a meeting with the Acquisitions Librarian to review collections policy and ask questions about the policy.
  • If the Liaison is on Track 1, Schedule a meeting with your mentor to discuss weighing your liaison responsibilities against all the other responsibilities you have.
  • Perform a syllabi audit for the program area. Use the audit to find areas that you may be able to impact. Contact those faculty members to offer support.