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Toolkit for Library Liaisons

Calendars with Important Dates

Here are links to several calendars that can prove helpful in planning professional development/achievement and service as well as liaison activities.


Includes links to Division Conferences, Symposia, Forums, & Institutes


To help you plan your liaison activities on campus, it's good to know the beginning and end dates of classes, university holidays and final exam dates.
Here is the official Academic Calendar from the Office of the Registrar: 


UTA Campus Resources to Assist Liaisons

Sources of Assistance

There are numerous resources at The University of Texas at Arlington that Liaison Librarians should know about and remember to consider when developing your own Liaison Services Plan for your department(s).

There should be a list of faculty available on your department's website but to get you started, here is the link to the general list of faculty.

Remember to check to see what degrees are offered by your department so that you can offer relevant liaison services because those programs that offer Bachelor degrees especially in general education required areas will need different assistance than those offering Doctoral degrees. Here is a link to the various programs so you can check for your department.

Check the Class Schedule periodically so that you can target your Liaison Services to your department at the point of need. If there is an introduction to research or other class offered that requires the use of library resources send the faculty member a letter offering your services to that class and do it early as they will create their syllabi before the semester starts! (that is frequently mentioned as a barrier to liaison services, there is no time on the schedule to offer library instruction, so you need to be proactive and plan to make your department contacts well in advance of each semester)

Check the Academic Calendar periodically to ensure that you are aware of when classes start and end each semester to ensure that you are contacting your department at regularly scheduled intervals.

The Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence (CRTLE) is a valuable place to remember to refer members of your department to when they need assistance with Instructional Design issues.  

We get a number of questions from our departments about Computer Related issues, keep the Office of Information Technology website handy so that you can refer your faculty and students appropriately.