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Toolkit for Librarian Liaisons

Liaison Team

Liaison Team

The Liaison Team is composed of:

Subject Librarian Liaisons




Liaison Leadership Committee

Team Charge

The Liaison Leadership Committee is responsible for assisting the DDH Advisor (Suz Byke) in developing a new Library Liaison Program model. Once this program model is developed, implemented, and assessed, Liaisons will collectively decide the future of the Liaison Leadership Committee. If the Committee is continued, formal bylaws will be drafted and elections for chair and vice-chair will be held.

The major ongoing activities include:

  • compile a list of Best Practices.
  • identifying opportunities for liaisons to promote awareness of library resources and services;
  • identifying tools and training that will support liaisons in building relationships with their departments;
  • organizing workshops on topics of relevance to liaison work; and,
  • coordinating the development of liaison subject LibGuides.
Future projects:
  • Find out how users become aware of library resources and services across campus by conducting a short online survey of users (students and faculty).
  • Discover what types of tools/training/workshops librarian liaisons need to build relationships with faculty by conducting a short online survey of librarian liaisons.

Current members include:

  • Martin Wallace (Chair)
  • Antoinette Nelson (Vice Chair)
  • Stephanie Luke (Secretary)
  • John Bayhi
  • Troy Christenson
  • Rae Jeffers
  • Katie Willeford
  • Suz Byke (DDH Advsior)