Research Coaches


Problems? Questions?

If you have questions, contact: 

Diane Shepelwich,, or any of your Research Coaches

How to prepare for your research session

  • Be mindful of the questions you have about your assignment or research project.

  • Be prepared to discuss your assignment with your Research Coach.

  • Bring your assignment description, course syllabus, and any work you have done so far.

  • If you're just getting started, no problem. The Research Coach can help.

What to expect @ your research session


Go to the Academic Plaza (Central Library, 2nd floor) and locate your Research Coach.



Meet your Research Coach.



You and your Research Coach will discuss your assignment or research project and work on your specific questions and concerns. Consultations are typically 30 minutes to an hour. 


After Your Consultation

Your Research Coach will send you an email summarizing your session and include any databases or Library resources that you discussed.



You will be asked to complete a very brief survey.