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RefWorks: In-Depth Help: RefShare

If you want to learn how to use RefWorks on your own, this guide has all the info you need.

RefShare: Sharing your References

RefShare is a module of RefWorks that allows you to easily share a folder of references, or your entire RefWorks account.


In your RefWorks account, RefShare is accessible by clicking on the Organize &Share Folders tab, located near the middle of the page.

You can share a folder or entire folder by clicking on the Share Folder icon next to the name of the folder you want to share...



You also can share URL created specifically for your folder (or database), Remove Share, Email this share. Click on Share Folder icon will bring you to the Shared Folder Options page where you have many choices on how you want to share your research:

  • Click " Shared Folder Options"  to manage the way you want to share your folder/s or database.
  • Next you'll see a URL created specifically for your folder (or database). This URL is what you give to others to access your shared research.
  • You can also give your folder a title and provide some descriptive information, which can be helpful to other accessing your research.
  • Clicking on the link will let you preview your shared folder (it's also what others will see when they view your folder).
  • You can Allow Users to Post Comments on References and even opt to Receive E-mails when a comment is posted. This feature allows the people viewing your research to easily provide feedback on a reference-by-reference basis.
  • You can choose to be notified when anyone posts a comment to your references.
  • RSS Feeds from your account can also be shared.
  • Lower down on the screen, you will need to select at least one Output Style Options. These are the citation formats you can choose from.
  • After you have selected all of your Shared Folder Options, click Save at the bottom of the page.




You can also access Statistics for your shared folders. The link, , is accessible after clicking on the Share tab.

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