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RefWorks: In-Depth Help: Managing References

If you want to learn how to use RefWorks on your own, this guide has all the info you need.

Creating Folders

Using folders in RefWorks allows you to organize your references.

  • Create folders for specific subjects, projects, or classes.
  • There is no limit to the number of references or folders you may have in your account.
  • A reference may be kept in more than one folder

To create a new folder:

  1. Click on under the toolbar, near the top of the page

  2. Name the folder

  3. Then click Create 

Default Folders

Your RefWorks account comes with 3 folders already set up:

  1. Last Imported contains the references from your most recent import. When your import is complete you can view your imported references by clicking on the "View Last Imported Folder" button. These references are automatically replaced the next time you import references.
  2. Not in Folder contains all the references that have not been designated a folder.

  3. Deleted References contains references that you have deleted. References in this folder will be automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days. Note: You can un-delete references in this folder. Any un-deleted references will be restored with any folder information, attachments, etc.

You can find this folder by clicking on the View tab located in the toolbar near the top of the page.